What Does Transgender Mean?

This topic was created to help understand what transgender is, what transgender people need, and how we can support them in positive ways.

Understanding sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression is critical to building a foundation of understanding what it means to be transgender.

Sexual Orientation is a term used to refer to an individual’s emotional and/or sexual attraction to those of the same and/or another gender.

A transgender person has a sexual oriention just like everyone else.

Gender expression refers to how you express yourself externally to show how you feel internally.

Many people confuse gender expression with sexuality.  They may assume that your gender expression defines who you are attracted to.  Expression and sexuality are two separate characteristics of a person.

Transgender is when the way a person identifies his or her gender is different than his or her physical sex.

  • Being Transgender
  • Transgender Ally
  • Transgender Stories

All people deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness and respect. Most people learn about their gender when they are told by others what they can or cannot do, what is acceptable for them. 

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If transgender (T)  is about gender identity and lesbian, gay, bisexual (LGB) are about sexual orientation (two very distinct things) why do they go together (LGBT)?



What is the difference between trans-man, trans-woman, and cis-gender? When the way a person identifies his or her gender is different than his or her physical sex.

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