About Us

As reflected in the above header, Morris Export Services is steeped in history, dating back to our establishment in 1942. We have successfully blended old world craftsmanship and work ethic, while utilizing today’s modern technology to generate the best service in the packing industry. Our results speak for themselves, and our state of the art packing solutions are second to none.

Morris Export Services

With average employee tenure of over 15 years, we’re able to lead industry standards by having the most experienced employees in the packing industry. At the same time, utilizing our own proprietary technology and equipment will provide you the best solution for every project. Please feel free to try our online quote function [link to quote button] and see how we can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on your upcoming shipment.

With over 35 acres of secured yard, we can handle any project, no matter the size. Unlike our competitors, Morris Export is equipped with a 75 ton, fully mobile gantry crane to assist with oversized cargo. While we can handle the biggest cargo you have to offer, we also carry out day-to-day air freight shipments, day or night (no matter the urgency). We have a fully staffed checking department to ensure each item can be line item checked, weighed and inspected before our packing process takes place.

Finally, our proprietary software, which works with any ERP system, enables us to track and report every step in your shipping process. Ensuring your cargo is handled with efficiency and precision, our software provides limitless benefits to you as a customer, while administering full transparency at the same time. We not only offer, but encourage you to have full access to any report, or process you would like to see in our system. Contact us  today to see how our software integration can help you!

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